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        Corporate Culture

        Corporate Spirit:

        Self-discipline,Social Commitment,Hard Work and Transcending Ourselves

        Corporate Concept:

        Benefit Sharing, Cooperation, Win-win Business, Mutual Development

        Corporate Values:

        Continuous Innovation, Pursuing Speed, Focus on Cost

        Detail Oriented, Professionalism, Competition Oriented

        Corporate Goal:

        To create No.1 brand safety cutter knife.

        Corporate Vision:

        To be the leader of the cutter knife industry.

        Management Strategy:

        Wisdom: Understanding and Smart. Know how to listen to the voice of our customers,realize the market demand in order to make products which customers really need.

        Honesty: Integrity and Sincerity Practicality. Seeking practical and credibility comes first. We have strong sense of responsibility and dedication.

        Systematization: Propriety and Regulations. Depending on the strick management and effective competitive encouragement systems,employees can have a better development and also brands can be innovatively.

        Humanity: People-oriented,Harmonious. Good Sharp has a good enterpriese culture atmosphere. We respect our employees,our customers and the consumers all over the world.